What does Classic Colonial Homes offer?

Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. (CCH) is a Design + Build firm, specializing in the creation of distinctive, superior quality, early American style buildings – including new home construction and also additions, remodels and restorations. We are probably best known for combining traditional exterior forms & elements with modernized, open concept interior spaces that incorporate 21st Century comforts, conveniences and efficiencies. Beyond architectural and construction services, CCH also can provide project management, owner’s representation and a vast selection of superior quality building products and materials – most of which we create ourselves for our projects! For a complete list of company products and services, please explore the DesignDetails & Direction pages of our web site or contact our office. Thanks for visiting!

How long has CCH been in business?

The Kirley family has been involved in architecture and construction for three generations. Lloyd Abbott Kirley began the business of Classic Colonial Homes in 1992. Lloyd’s eldest son, Lance Abbott Kirley, is now the President of the company and carries on the family tradition. Lance’s brother, Keith Kirley, manages CCH’s west coast division, Kirley + Architecture and Development, and they often collaborate on projects nationwide.

How much does it cost to build a Classic Colonial Home?

This is a very popular question! Building costs can vary significantly, depending on the particular home you build, the features and materials you select and your building location. Presently, the average construction cost for a Classic Colonial Home begins at $300.00 / Sq. Ft., but is often higher – based on regional trends and finish selections. This estimate excludes the following: land cost, architecture & engineering fees, permitting, external systems such as well & septic, infrastructure such as driveways, landscaping, fencing, outbuildings, etc. This pricing information is offered as a general estimate only. CCH offers related services to assist clients in obtaining accurate project budgeting. Please contact CCH for information.

How do I preview your Reference Designs? Are those plan suggestions available online?

Yes, they are. The easiest way to preview the different reference plans offered is to visit the Design pages, scroll to the bottom and click on the drawn images just below “Preview Reference Plans”. These links take visitors to images of the most popular reference plan previews in our library. CCH also offers a bound paperback of these same Study Plans, sold for $40.00 + S/H, which contains over 30 of CCH’s most popular designs. These Study Plans offer floor plan views, general info, design notes and exterior elevations.

Does CCH customize Reference Plans for clients?

Yes, because no one plan can satisfy everyone. We want your new home to be designed so it is perfect in every way – both for you and for your unique property and location! CCH is a full-service design firm offering minor plan changes (like re-positioning a wall or two) to complete re-designs (for instance, combining two different reference plans in the creation of a completely new custom home design). Contact CCH to discuss your ideas and proposed changes with a design team member. We will generate a Custom Design Proposal that is unique to your project, based on your “wish list” so you can approve the estimated costs before we begin. Then let CCH handle the rest!

Can CCH serve clients who are building outside New England?

We work with clients from all across the country and even abroad. Our team is experienced in long-distance client relationships and CCH has designed and managed building projects both near and far over the years. We communicate by phone, E-mail, fax and live, web conferencing with all clients. While we always prefer to meet in person, building plans can be completed for customers without ever meeting face to face. With regard to construction, our management team takes a cooperative approach to project oversight at a distance – in conjunction with our builders (or yours). With many hundreds of homes to our credit across the greater United States, CCH provides a complete and comprehensive approach to projects – from architecture to specialty product supply and construction management. All this making the process of creating and completing every Classic Colonial Home both efficient and enjoyable. Come and be our next success story!

Can I purchase a CCH Reference Plan to build from – with no changes?

While it is rare that we sell a reference building plan without modifications (almost every client has changes they’d like – to make it perfect!), if you can settle on a design from the collection and need no adjustments, simply contact CCH for pricing and to place your order. In most cases, these building plans will be mailed to you within 2 weeks, after our design staff completes a thorough design review for code compliance. Both printed paper and PDF plans are available. Rush delivery is available in certain cases – additional service fees may apply.

What framing methods are available when working with Classic Colonial Homes?

Regarding basic construction, CCH homes are most commonly designed for conventional, stick-built framing techniques – all with standard materials to aid in controlling costs.  We have experience in building homes with factory-constructed, panelized frames and also with modular construction as well. We have a vast knowledge of timber frame construction as well and can work with clients to develop a hybrid frame package if they so desire. Just let our design staff know what you want and we’re happy to explain all of your options.

How is a Classic Colonial Home different from others being built today?

We let the homes speak for themselves! Classic Colonial Homes are quite distinctive in nature and the difference is really in the details, both inside and out.  Classic Colonial Homes are carefully designed & built with great care using specially designed and crafted details and finishes to give them centuries-old charm and spirit.  CCH creates original designs inspired by traditional forms with proper scaling and proportion, resulting in spectacular homes of superior quality and authenticity.

What makes a Classic Colonial Home different than a historic colonial home?

While one can argue with their presence and beauty, many antique homes were simply better suited for the past in terms of layout, efficiency and convenience. Classic Colonial Homes combine the best of both worlds – the desired look of an age-old classic, combined with open, interior spaces, appointed with the very latest luxuries and features, to better suit our modern way of life. The company’s primary goal is to recreate the simple architectural beauty that the early American colonials are best known for. This is accomplished with refined lines and proportionate details with molded trim and hand crafted components to make every home unique and authentic. Although most CCH homes have modernized, open interiors, with kitchens flowing into gathering rooms, cathedral ceilings and informal eating areas, they can be decorated and detailed traditionally with interior details including wide pine floors, exposed beams, raised panel walls, period lighting and cooking fireplaces to warm the spirit.

Where are your homes being built? Can I see a model home in my area?

Classic Colonial Homes are popping up all across America.  While most are located in the greater Northeast, there are many built or under construction in farther off places as well. CCH has designed homes for clients in many states including: MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI, NY, NJ, DE, PA, WV, FL, OH, IN, OK, TX, MI, NC, SC, GA, WA and CA. In some cases we are able to offer prospective clients an address for a drive-by viewing of a completed Classic Colonial Home, but in an effort to respect our client’s privacy and paying mind to issues of liability, interior tours are only available in certain areas and under certain circumstances.

Are references available?

Yes, we can provide references upon request. In the meantime, we welcome you to have a look at what our clients are saying about us on the CCH Testimonials page. You are also encouraged to visit CCH on Facebook and “LIKE US” while you’re there! Also find our page on HOUZZ and take a look at some of our work and references from recent clients.

If you don’t find your answer here, contact CCH anytime and we’ll be happy to serve you. Thanks!