Examples of our Homes

Below is a small sample of the work that we’ve done, from design-builds to custom siding and interior design work. Curious to see more? Send us a note.

Carversville, PA

The New Federal One

Conway, MA

Lewisburg, PA

Wilmington, VT

Lakeville, CT

East Haddam, CT

Virtual Tours

We invite you to tour a Custom Granby Colonial home by Classic Colonial Homes in the interactive walk-through below

We invite you to tour a Custom New Federal One by Classic Colonial Homes in the interactive walk-through below

Hill Institute Timber Framed Shed

Samuel L. Hill was a former owner of Classic Colonial Homes’ headquarters, the Hill-Ross Homestead. Hill was an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad, participating in the abolitionist movement with other notable names such as David Ruggles, Sojourner Truth, and Austin Ross. Hill later founded the nation’s first privately endowed free kindergarten, which also happened to be the site of one of our most rewarding projects. Take a look at this video of the small timber frame our team designed and built as we reflect on the legacy of Samuel Hill.

Welcome to Co-Construct

Classic Colonial Homes offers clients access to this interactive solution for management of any new construction or renovation project. An introductory video is offered below and please contact our office to learn more about this innovative system.


Visit this link to read an interview with Classic Colonial Homes CEO, Lance Kirley, discussing some details about the background of the company and the driving force behind their work.


Visit this link to an interview with company CEO, Lance Kirley, discussing the saltbox house style, a time-tested favorite and a symbol of early America.