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As the focal point of the house, it’s important for the doors and windows to be appropriate to the house style. The front entry should fit the facade, the proportions of your home and the era in which it was built. In the below photographs of completed Classic Colonial Homes, you can see a wide variety of entry styles inspired from the 1600s to the early 1900s.

Hand-crafted Front Entry Doorways

Doors on colonial-style homes come in a range of designs and sizes. Most early colonial homes and cape houses (as well as Georgian- and federal-style houses) had solid-wood doors without glass. As the centuries progressed, the size and ornateness of the doors also developed. This can be seen most noticeably at the ‘crown’ of the door; above-the-door transoms and fanlights were stylistically appropriate ways to bring light to the entry hall and added a sense of prestige to the house. They can be rectangular, semicircular, or semi-elliptical, and can be combined with sidelites. The size of the panes in the transom and sidelites should be proportionate to those of the windows in the rest of the house.

Traditional colonial styles might have a decorative surround consisting of pilasters with an entablature, pediment, or arch. Trim boards can be flat or vertical, with a thicker and/or taller head trim that might sport a cornice cap.

At CCH, we custom mill our door surrounds with craftsman tools and an eye for detail. Design elements include a rectangular symmetrical shape, a raised panel, wooden door at the front center of the exterior, decorative mouldings applied around and a crowning pediment atop the entry. Depending on the era the home was built and the wealth of the family, door trim ranged from humble and utilitarian to detailed and bold.

At Classic Colonial Homes, our pricing is very competitive and we apply decades of building industry knowledge and traditional design expertise to guide our clients in choosing the correct scale and proportions required for their project to complete the intended traditional look. You will be guided by us to find the ideal window(s) and door style, learn about its many features (wood or clad exterior, grille style, glass options, finish color options, performance, screens, hardware finishes, etc.) to best suit your project and budget. Then, we will coordinate the production and provide the architecturally appropriate trim and sill to match your design (where applicable).

Period-inspired Architectural Windows

Windows have been called the “eyes of the home”, through which we see, and as such, deserve very special attention. Classic Colonial Homes has featured competitively priced, nationally manufactured windows and exterior door brands to valued customers since 1998. CCH serves their design clients as well as the general public, with new or replacement windows and doors for projects large and small. The products are carefully configured to achieve period look & character while offering the most efficient performance and traditional features available today. The window packages provided by CCH can be shipped nationwide to be installed by your builder.

CCH Window Packages offer numerous benefits including:

  • Classic Colonial Homes windows & trim detail
  • All double pane, insulated glass windows and doors with simulated divided light construction are available with Low E/Argon Gas making them both energy efficient and authentically styled.
  • The scale of the glass panes are custom ordered architecturally correct in size and proportion & we can offer custom window sizes when necessary, providing character to the home which is critical to maintaining the antique style.
  • Our products are available with Aluminum clad or primed wood exterior and Window Packages can be purchased for new colonial homes or as Replacement Windows for existing colonial and antique homes. In some cases, CCH factory-applies custom trim detailing to complete the look.
  • All window and door units are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties offering customers the reassurance deserved with a significant investment.
  • CCH buys direct allowing the packages to be offered at competitive prices, with fast lead-times, so you’ll find value, stay on budget and on schedule to complete your home conveniently and efficiently.

Custom Interior Doors

Classic Colonial interior doors are nothing like those one-size-fits-all doors commonly found at home centers. Ours are furniture quality doors available in premium solid wood that give you unmatched performance for a lifetime. Typically door slabs are pre-hung in the frame with forged hardware (hinges and thumb latches) and we apply trim details in our production facility to offer the builder convenience while assuring historical accuracy.


Whether you’re looking to purchase a architectural trim package for your new home, undertaking renovations to refresh a classic colonial, or seeking a consultation to help you through the process, it all starts with a call.

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