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Classic Colonial Homes’ guiding principle is to create residential architecture that combines spacious yet efficient, and comfortable open floor plans within traditional, historically inspired designs to create the warmth, charm and character that we most admire in antique New England homes. Inspired by the work of master builders centuries earlier, our late founder, Lloyd Abbott Kirley’s own unique designs came from personal impressions developed by decades of exposure to early American architecture. The resulting designs were not replicas of existing homes but original works that each contained historically correct proportions, form, scale and detailing to establish a particular style and air of authenticity of its own. When built as designed, using our hand-made products, every Classic Colonial Home honors the past while being admired by future generations, alike.


Whether you’re looking to purchase a architectural trim package for your new home, undertaking renovations to refresh a classic colonial, or seeking a consultation to help you through the process, it all starts with a call.

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